Our Caller, Cuer and Instructors

...you need all these people to be able to dance at all. No matter if it is square dance, round dance or sometimes clogging. They give us the "commands" to dance, so as  we don't have to stand around looking so clueless. 


Martin Laufer

1990 Mainstreamclass at Colorado Ranchers Friedberg/Hessen
1991 to 2002 Clubmember at Schöneck Shufflers, being 
2000 to 2002 Clubcaller.
1995 to 2014 Clubcaller of Crazy Ghost Family.
2000 – 2010 Clubcaller of Daydreamers Groß-Umstadt
since 2002 Clubcaller of Tapsy Turtles
since 2005 Clubcaller of XPlusives Friedberg
2006-2020 Caller for Plusworkshops at Kuntry Kuzins in Wiesbaden
since May 2010 Clubcaller of Highland Dragons
since April 2014 Clubcaller of Beaux and Belles in Frankfurt

Jetta K. Junk

At the age of 5, Jetta's square dancing career began with the Smiling Squares, the children's club of the Heidelberg Howdowners. 

With other dancers she founded the Sandwi(t)ches, a plus club, and the Keller Swingers, danced regularly with the Swinging Stars and the Heidelberg Howdowners, as well as the Carousels RDC.
Her first club as cuer was the Mannheim Old West, until her training schedule relocated her to the Rhein-Main area.

She dance Square up to A2 and Round up to Phase V and partially Phase VI. 2003, Jetta was graduated in clogging by Bianca Behrens with the Mouse Busters.
She touched the microphone the first time at the Carousels RDC and received her Black Badge at the 1982 Winter Jamboree. She received the White Badge (now Active ECTA Cuer/Teacher) one and a half years later, at the Summer Jamboree in Brussels.
Jetta is member of ECTA (European Callers and Teachers Association) and served from 1994 to 1996 as RD-Coordinator. She is also a member of Roundalab and is since 2022 the Chairman of the Phase II Committee.
In 1995 she was one of the Founders of the Flying Toasters RDC in Kelkheim, Germany and she is cueing Jetta there since. 

From 1989 to 1990 and since 2012 she is the Clubcuer of the Beaux & Belles SDC in Frankfurt, Germany.
In 2022 the Beaux & Belles celebrated her 40th Cuer anniversary. 


Bianca Behrens