Do you love swinging music and colourful dresses? 
Are you planning a party and looking for something different and out-of the-ordinary? 
We, the Beaux & Belles, offer you this combination by "Dancing in Squares"!

Square dancing is a dance that immediately gets your legs and whole body moving!

Each dance is different, because the dancers do not know in advance which figures or movements the caller will choose and announce.

Perhaps you would be interested in our clogging group, the Crazy Taps?  Clogging is a mixture of different (tap) dance styles. Dancing is performed in lines, duets or in a formation. The double-tap irons on the front and back of the shoes emphasize (underline) each step. 

It all, very much, puts you in a good mood and makes you want to clap or even dance along straight away.

By the way, for square dancing as well as for clogging, not only is country music played, but also current songs from the charts or popular musical titles.

Let us surprise you!

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We are happy to dance for you!

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